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Yunnan Agriculture Of Overview

     People's Republic of China before the rural Yunnan City, in addition to the vicinity of a certain commodity economy, most places in a closed, semi-enclosed natural economy condition. Farming technique basically be in traditional agriculture phase, especially in the frontier ethnic, still retains the primitive slash-and-burn cultivation and nomadic ( tillage) type production mode. Rural economics basically is onefold commissariat to cultivate, resource development level is low. In 1949, agricultural production value occupies the 83 of total agricultural output value. 3%; the total sown area of farm crops in 2690000 hectare, economic crop sows an area of only 72700 hectares.

    After the people's Republic of China, after the Qing bandit hegemony, reduction of rent and return a deposit and land reform, farmers from the feudal landlord, toast cruelty compresses exploited out. Then the cooperation, the majority of farmers took to the road of socialistic collective economy. The Eleven 3 in after plenary meeting, the country was carried out generally to contract with the family as the foundation, the system of unified management combined with. On this basis, to adjust the agricultural production structure, developing a diversified economy, the development of town and township enterprises, make agricultural economy to gradually change to goods economy by natural economy, single grain production to farming, forest, herd, fishing, labour, business develops in the round transformation.

    Yunnan is referred to as the" cloud" or "dian", is located in China's southwestern border, south of the Tropic of cancer cross. The total area of 394000 square kilometers, 4.1% what occupy countrywide gross area, ranking eighth in the country. East and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and neighboring Guizhou Province, north of Jinsha River, Sichuan Province and across the river, northwest corner and Tibet autonomous region connected to be closely related and mutually dependent, and Burma to the west, South and Southeast respectively with Laos, Vietnam border on, common land border line of 4060 kilometers.

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